Hanna Milfey: “The non-ideal action is always better than the perfect inaction”

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Hanna Milfey @hanna_milfey

• Master of motivation
• Fitness nutritionist
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“The non-ideal action is always better than the perfect inaction”

What inspired you for a sports lifestyle? And why did you become a fitness blogger?
For me, sport is whereby I can share with the world my vision and story of my success. And, you know, blogging is like you turn on the speakerphone load. I want like-minded people to hear me, and I am ready to inspire them.

Who is your idol in sports?
I have always been a supporter of the phrase “You shall not make for yourself an idol”. For me, personality is the first and foremost quality. I respect people who have achieved success. For me, idols are those people who have principles and values for whom discipline is important.

What are your favorite sports and why?
Cross-fit and rhythmic gymnastics, and stretching. Because of them, I became who I am now!

How can a person to motivated for sports?
The aim! You should set an important goal for yourself! And on the way to achieve it, it is important to communicate with people whom you want to be like! I surround myself with athletic and fit, motivated, and strong-willed people, and the issue of sport is solved by itself.

Are there 15-20 minutes per day enough to be in good physical shape?
Of course not. It is necessary, but not enough. Looking good is a lifestyle, not 15-20 minutes a day.

Where to start if a person decides to lead a sporty lifestyle?
The most important thing is to change your habits! Sleep, nutrition, exercise … This is the order! (This is secret information, you can find out more in my profile;))

Is it necessary to train with a coach?
The coach’s presence is not always necessary, but he should control
and correct programs and loads. Some exercises, if they are done incorrectly, can even lead to injuries …