Health improvement of the soul and body in the Maharishi Ayurveda Clinic

The picturesque city of Bad Ems, which is in Germany, is imprinted in memory not only by spectacular scenery, but also by extraordinary methods of natural healing. The city is famous for its centuries-old spa traditions and famous thermal waters. The Maharishi Ayurveda Clinic in Bad Ems is a fusion of millennial knowledge with magnificent landscapes, luxurious convenience and modern procedures.

For thousands of years, Ayurveda has returned from oblivion, filling with the life-giving energy of all who followed the teachings of their ancestors. The goal of the wise men was to create a society free from disease, in harmony with the environment.   They believed in the integrity of nature and man. They asserted that nature is an integral part of life for each of us and it is nature that “guides the Universe”. Ancient recipes and knowledge were recovered and unscramble from Sanskrit. And now we can use the procedures, therapies and recipes that were known to our ancestors. The project “Veda and Science”, founded by Maharashi Mahesh Yoga in the late 1970s, brought together scientists, physicians and healers of the West and East to restore lost knowledge. For years, the best of the best has been compiled healing procurement to ensure that we were able to continue the tradition of a healthy and happy life.
“Ayurveda” in the future will be a modern science for achieving absolute health. This is a highly developed program for maintaining good health with the help of a person’s consciousness. It deals with the mind, body, feelings and the surrounding world. “- Maharashi. feature-img-inner
Ayurveda is a natural medicine of ancient India, which aims at achieving absolute health. Its main accent is prevention, and only then – treatment of diseases. By methods of ayurvedic diagnostics (pulse diagnostics), a doctor can identify the disease at an early stage and in time help to avoid its appearance. In such a way, any Ayurvedic therapy begins with a detailed medical check.
The clinic of Maharashi Ayurveda, in the very center of Germany, go for improve the health as many people as possible with the help of ancient medicine and unique methods of treatment. At a time when Ayurvedic proposals have filled the world, the quality of medical care remains an important factor. More than 90 first-class specialists use the healing knowledge in practice at Maharashi Ayurveda clinic in Bad Ems. Prevention, rejuvenation, recovery and healing that is why people come to the clinic from all over the world.

The heart of the therapy is the classical Ayurvedic treatment course – Panchakarma. It is a system of precisely synchronized physical methods of treatment that gently and very deeply help the body to free itself of the remnants of metabolism and neutralize the basis of many diseases. Once the body has cleared, all other therapies begin to function better. Self-healing forces are activated, the body responds better to effective herbal preparations of Ayurveda. Panchakarma therapy works very gently, setting up our body for healthy functioning. But it requires drug support. To achieve optimal results, procedures should be conducted by highly qualified therapists. Panchakarma in Bad Ems is a stay in the best private Ayurvedic clinic in Europe. Initially, hundred-year knowledge is used here in its classical form and adapted to local conditions. The various procedures of the pancakarma course create a clearly coordinated sequence of treatment and support the effectiveness of each other.

Ayurvedic massages will help to bring your body into tone, adjust for a recovery cycle and help restore strength. Massages aimed at improving both the whole body and its individual parts Масажі спрямовані на оздоровлення як всього тіла (Abhyanga Pitta – 160 EUR, Garshan – 180 EUR, Udvartan (scrubbing) – 190 EUR, Pizzicilli (massage under the oil spray) – 295 EUR), так і на його окремі ділянки (Nasja (head, neck, shoulder and nose massage) – 140 EUR, Shirokhyanga (head massage) – 65 EUR, Padabhyanga (foot, shin, thigh massage) – 70 EUR). Ayurvedic cosmetology will give your skin youth and beauty ( anti age mask– 120 EUR, nourishing mask– 120 EUR, mask against Acne – 105 EUR).   KosmetischeAnwendungen
Ayurvedic therapies are aimed at healing and restoring vitality (Pinda sveda – 335 EUR, Kalari Marma Utsiichil (deep energetic massage) – 270 EUR, Patra thaloy – 55-260 EUR, Podikili – 55-235 EUR). In the period of panchakarma, the drug support is very important: provisional diagnostics, a procedure plan, daily medical assistance, a final consultation (up to 10 days – 390 EUR).

In addition, you can combine the treatment with a comfortable rest in the chic hotel Hecker Grand. The Maharashi Ayurveda Clinic in Bad Ems is located in the Imperial part of the Hecker Grand Hotel. The unsurpassed complex looks like a baroque palace. And it’s no surprise that Kaiser Wilhelm, Jacques Offenbach and Richard Wagner rested here. The hotel has a SPA center with saunas and steam baths and a thermal pool with water from its own source. The 106 rooms of the Grand Hotel combine stylish traditions, modern ambience and elegant design. Almost all apartments overlooking the River Lahn and the unforgettable neoclassical and modern villas of the ancient Bad Ems.

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For the guests of Ayurveda Maharashi clinic, the stay at the SPA center is included in the price of the hotel.