World Bloggers Awards unite the best of the Best.

On May 24, 2019, during the film festival in Cannes, the first #WorldBloggersAwards ceremony will take place, which will see participation of the world’s most influential and famous bloggers. The event will be hosted by the Hotel Martinez with support from the City Life Media international group and the premium event organizer Trust Events.

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#WORLDBLOGGERSAWARDS is a platform that unites influencers and opinion leaders from various fields, who have become the new media. Their readership often exceeds that of the traditional sources, while the quality of communication between them is much higher.

Bloggers speak the same language as their readers, and their opinions are listened to. Over the last few years bloggers have evolved into a force to be reckoned with. #WORLDBLOGGERSAWARDS will take this to the next level and help to determine the best of the best. Each event participant will get a chance to expand their audience, present themselves to the world, and find partners for future projects.

“Today, the media business globally has changed. The public looks to new platforms for entertainment, first and foremost to famous bloggers. They’re read by millions. The role that used to be played by television is now played by the internet. In a few years all entertainment will migrate online, and bloggers will help to determine the percentage of interest their audience takes in this or that subject,” says “dancing millionaire” Gianluca Vacchi, who has 11.5 millions followers in Instagram alone.