ALEF accessories

ALEF is the result of the partnership between two different depth and solid entrepreneurial activities. Tiziano Colasante owner of Propel srl, company which works for the most important griffe in the luxury leather production since 20 years, meets Alessia Auriemma, marketing and communication expert, with an artistic attitude. She is part of a group of young specialists founder of Visionarylab, an organization which provides services such as cool hunting, new collection development, men products. These two worlds meet and in harmony decide to realize a business project studying a new women accessory collection, fresh and smart, which could combine glamour and daily comfort. The models are the result of a team work starting from the ideation of the collection concept, passing through the sketch, to the choice of the materials since the final creation. Tiziano Colasante, considered a master in his field, combines creativity and manufacture, creates accessories with complex structures. With a deep leather knowhow and a strong attention to details he works personally on prototypes and in many cases creates by himself the sample taking care of the feasibility study and the development and construction of the bag. Many ALEF accessories derive from the stylish research, from the study of the trend, the team sensibility in the realization of new models and the choice of new material combinations and colours. The company is totally “Made in Italy” and finely combines the typical Tuscan manufacture with the production industrialization through modern machines.

Alessandra Merzel MERZELCOMMUNICATION Sempione, 33 20145 Milano +39 340 2896458

 Parigi yellow fronte bassaALNAIR FL fronte bassa

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