Anita Chui is nominated by World Bloggers Awards

Anita Chui is nominated by World Bloggers Awards for the best celebrities influencers in the world. She is a Hong Kong actress known for popular TV series and movies such as Lan Kwai Fong,Anita-Chui Hotel Deluxe, Delete My Love, Love Detective, From Vegas to Macau III, Islamophobia, etc.

Anita has achieved excellent results since she was a child. She studied at Kowloon Tong International Kindergarten and York English Primary School. The secondary school was assigned to the Ho Man Tin Pentecost English School.

chui pinkShe began to learn piano at the age of three and at the age of thirteen, she received the eighth-grade qualification of the Royal College of Music. In her spare time, Anita began to receive official documentary education at the age of five, focusing on English and mathematics. Anita is active in various sports and performing arts in the school. She participated in the table team in elementary school. In the middle school period, she participated in the English poetry competition and choir and the inter-school volleyball team for four consecutive years.

As Chui’s grandmother lived in the UK, she completed her secondary school course and went to the University of Central Lancashire to study for a bachelor’s degree in accounting and marketing. She then studied for a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Sheffield. At the university level, Anita participated in a number of stage performances and dance performances in the UK and was a cheerleader of the University of Sheffield, representing her school in 120 universities across the UK.

In January 2012, Chui, 23, during her second year of master’s degree, met with Huang Baigao, the gold entertainment manager of Sun Entertainment Culture, when she returned to Hong Kong. She decided to abandon the British Master’s program and stay in Hong Kong to develop her career as an actress.

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