Meet the champions – Sheik Mohammed’s horses in Zabeel Racing Stables

It is not easy to find more reverent attitude to horses than in the Arab world. God, as is known, while blessing majestic animal, said: ”You will back you friends. Your seat will become a place of prayer addressed to me. And you will fly without wings and conquer without sword”. The inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates believe in it, and up to this day they are still the best friends of graceful horses.

If Emirates is the real Edem for horses, I was lucky to visit the very its heart – Zabeel Racing Stables, one of the most exclusive stables in the world. It owes its emerging and present exposure to the passion of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. As many know, His Majesty and members of the royal family always were not only enthusiastic fans, but also active participants of equestrian sport. Sheikh’s wife even took part in the World Equestrian and Summer Olympic games.

The prophet Mohammad said that every Muslim should have as many horses as he can afford. So 120 selected champions live and study here. as you can guess, that ruling family of Dubai, whose passion for horses was so great, covered better conditions for their loyal friends.

Zabeel Stables as an oasis is located in the middle of modern cityscape. When I got there, I was amazed by the greenery and the seclusion of this place. From the very first minutes it became clear that everything here is absolutely impregnated with love to horses – from meadows with lush greenery in impeccable detachments. And, of course, I am sure, some of the most well-groomed and happy horses live here. even a man unfamiliar with equestrian sports becomes aware of it thanks to the grateful eyes of local residents.

According to the wise prophet, everyone who loves a horse is as good as one who is generous to the poor. The permanent manager of this fabulous place for more than a quarter of a century, and Sheik Mohammed’s personal trainer Satysh Simara in this case surpasses the world’s greatest benefactors in his deep relations with horses.

It was Satysh who showed me all the beauty of Zabeel Stable and gave pleasant conversation. As an upscale professional, he has the biggest awards, including some from Her Majesty, the Queen of Great Britain. Satysh loses himself in the work, has the honor to build this place from scratch to the invitation of the Ruler of Dubai, and he still has the responsibility to grow horses-champion for the most prestigious races of the world.

In his work he uses Individual approach, believing that the character of horses, as well as among people, is Individual. He respects his charges, and they respond to him the same: an incredible silence is in the stables of Satysh – the pupils of the coach grow such obedient. Not surprisingly, comfort and first-class care did not spoil the champions!
In the stables Satysh I recalled a story about the great Arabic poet, who was invited by ruler Harun al Rashid specially to write a poem about his favorite Siebda. Such an atmosphere reins in the stables of modern Dubai!

Visiting Zabeel Stable you can feel incredibly relaxed and calm. This is happiness to understand that tough times for these beautiful creatures as the horses left behind, and true connoisseurs of their greatness are able to provide them with decent conditions.

Tatiana Vishnevskaya