Mykola Udianskyi: “‎We Invested 2-3 Million Dollars, and Received 60. It Was a Very Good Deal for Us”

Mykola Udianskyi is a well-known Ukrainian entrepreneur, IT, and blockchain specialist. Once he went all-in and bet everything he had on cryptocurrency: he invested $28,000 at the rate of $180/bitcoin. 

Mykola is a founder of Bitcoin Ultimatum — Bitcoin of the next generation (Bitcoin 2.0). His company is engaged in creating business process automation systems for financial enterprises, web applications, and mobile applications for iOS and Android. 

Udianskyi is the CEO of Prof-IT and the global marketing company PRMR, co-owner of the Parlament Media Group holding, and former owner of the Coinsbit and LocalTrade cryptocurrency exchanges (both sold by Mykola in 2019 and 2021, respectively). President of the EHOLD group. Scientist and philanthropist, he created his community in the UAE. According to FORBES, Udianskyi is at the top of the richest people in Ukraine. 

What has happened to cryptocurrency in the last five years?

I have been moving in this direction for almost eight years and can draw the following conclusions. Today, 50% of the traditional market is also involved in cryptocurrencies. In 2-3 years, this figure will grow to 100% — companies that worked in the traditional market will move into the crypto universe. I am very curious about what will happen to the stock market because it will take some time to abandon it completely.

Are you connecting to large groups by using the protocol?

We don’t have a connection, and each group has its own community of the same level. But, unlike them, we are not engaged in margin trading.

You are considered the most reputable expert. People listen to you — where to invest, how to invest, which stock markets to go to and which not to go to. And in the crypto community, they call Instagram your primary tool. 

This is not my tool. I get a lot of personal messages — the youth ask for help, for a hint so that they are not dragged into bad projects. They just ask me to show what I buy for myself to understand where it is worth investing in. So far, talking about all that I have suggested, there is no single losing option. All bets have played. There will be two more projects this month until the end of the month. I want to meet with our neighbor (note — we are talking about Pavel Durov) and communicate directly with the head of his coin. I won’t drag the community there if I get the correct answers. First, I will go there myself. We first communicate with the founders, watch the technical part, and do a full analysis, so as not to blush later. And only after that do I recommend investing.

Therefore, everything I gave a recommendation today is all the pros. Everything works. And it’s not paid. Many funds are asking me, and I speak my opinion. There are no discounts for anyone — for example, to say my opinion an hour earlier. I go out and tell the situation to everyone. I have my own team, and we make decisions. We buy. The rest say — let’s agree, we’ll give you a million dollars. And I say that I do not take money.

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 Is marketing a strong driver?

I have come across the fact that there is a lack of good marketing in crypto. Cryptocurrency marketing is really the strongest engine. Everything is on hype here. We suffered for a long time until we created our own marketing company — we bought out some American companies, merged them, and now I have the perfect marketing that I created personally. It may not be perfect for everyone, but it’s the one that I like and brings results. This is from influencer marketing to media and the like. They do everything — they lead from A to Z. I manage social networks myself, though. 

One big tip: move only through YouTube bloggers, and they have the highest conversion rates. We haven’t tried TikTok yet, but I’ve decided to create a TikTok home in Ukraine. I’ve been approached by famous progressive guys, and I want to test this platform.

Lead from TikTok in terms of price, performance, and conversion is number 1. There is a specific task in influencer marketing, and there is a new coin. Who would you go to?

To Morgenstern, it is good for recognition. To crypto bloggers who are focusing directly on this topic. I have fellow bloggers — an Englishman, a Swede, and an American. They have 500,000-1 million YouTube subscribers. The price of one post on their channel is $500,000.

What motivates you?

I have one motivation: my growth and achievements, realizing that all my dreams have come true. I wish the same for my team.

What might impress you?

I can say that today I have seen everything, but what really impresses me is the village, its landscapes, lakes and morning dew. It’s rooted in my childhood memories.

What are your plans for the future?

I create completely new activities. We are determined to use Metaverse and digital banks to connect the fiat market with cryptocurrencies in one ecosystem.