Where Victoria Bonya Spends Her Vacations?

IMG_9839What are your favorite places for vacation in summer?
It depends on the part of the world. As for Europe, it can be any place by the sea. There are very many locations which aren’t that much popular but they are insanely beautiful. I love Italy. And in Croatia, there are so amazing places.
What is your best destination for winter vacations?
I guess it’s Swiss Alpes or French. There are no better places for winter relaxation then there.
Do you post photos of your vacation to social media?
Usually, I forgot to post photos during my vacations. I make a lot of them but never manage to post because there is no time for Instagram. And I start to do it after.
Do you spend your vacation in Russia?
I can’t say that I’m going especially for vacations but I travel to any place in Russia with great pleasure. As for vacation spot, I think it’s only Sochi.