Yana Kryshtofovych. She Believed She Could, So She Did

With a passionate beating heart for public relations and media communication, Yana Kryshtofovych is living her dream doing what she loves most.

After obtaining a diploma in Information and Communications, she stepped into the role of an entrepreneur and ventured to launch her own Public Relations firm.

Black Square Public Relations & Communications agency came to life and became a go-to choice for companies looking to increase their visibility, reach new audiences, and drive sales and growth.

“Feelings and emotions play an important role in business’ success therefore, our work at Black Square is to positively elevate brand reputation and shape consumer feelings generating loyalty for our clients,” she explains with enthusiasm.

Impressed by the work of artist Kazimir Malevich and his iconic Black Square painting, the inspiration for the agency’s name became evident as Black Square Agency also represents endless possibilities and creativity for its clients and affluent audience.

“I believe that everything we do in life; business, relationships, choices are a representation of the world of feelings within. If you think about it, everything that matters in our lives has no form or shape: love, happiness, laughter, peace. What we see in the Black Square painting revolves around our imagination, mental barriers, and breadth of vision. Everything is possible in life when we unleash our imagination and start to act in that direction.”

With a steady trajectory, Yana has helped businesses and organizations create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with their target audience, WIBA Awards event in Cannes during the Film festival and the WIBA Trophy event in Monaco are amongst some of them.

With local and international clients, she has also achieved professional success in the printed Media industry, servicing Forbes Monaco for over four years.

With a deep understanding of the media landscape, she is taking on new challenges and currently acting as editor-in-chief for Times Monaco, an authoritative new magazine that focuses on international business, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, and outstanding personalities.


“Every project takes shape through a creative and customized process.

On March 20th, the WIBA made its debut at the Grimaldi Forum and honored forward-thinking marketers in various industries for their remarkable achievements and legacy in twenty categories.

“For WIBA, we created a beautiful event to celebrate the best of Monaco. Celebrities, businesses, and personalities were present, and it was a fantastic evening. This was our first event of many more to come,” she added.

It takes courage to forge your own path and leave your mark on the world.

Behind angelic hazel eyes and a friendly smile is powerful and unpretentious Yana Kryshtofovych, the woman who believed she could, so she did!

By Maressa Bagli