Alicia Sedgwick: Communication Through Change

June is AUDIOBOOK MONTH, just in time to celebrate the new audio version of the bestselling book “Communicating Through Change” by Alicia Sedgwick.

This life-changing book, narrated by Alicia herself, will show you how to communicate through major changes in your life and to best express yourself when you need to be heard. It is packed with real-life stories, practical exercises, insightful tips, and uplifting affirmations.

Addressing relevant challenges, which everyone meets at one time in their life, this book will give you hope, resilience, and clarity about how to move forward. By sharing her vulnerability with authentic openness, Alicia helps you to find your inner strength and to speak up for yourself.

“Communicating Through Change” is available on Amazon in paperback e-book and audio formats.

Alicia Sedgwick
Alicia Sedgwick

This Book Will Help You When You Are …

  • Separating from your partner, or leaving a relationship and divorcing your spouse; or contemplating any of these actions.
  • Facing the truth about your sexuality, realising that you cannot continue to live a lie, and recognising who you truly are in terms of your gender and sex.
  • Facing uncertainty in your wellbeing and health or recovering from illness.
  • Suffering from the loss of a loved one, bereaved of a sibling, or parents.
  • Feeling vulnerable and alone from abuse and unable to express the trauma you have experienced.
  • Going to university, college, or further education; or changing your study plans or retraining.
  • Changing or losing your job, work, or career.
  • Becoming a mother or feeling you do not want to have children and finding it difficult to voice that decision.
  • Changing your world; by moving from your home and all you have known, to a completely different country, language and culture.
  • Thinking about aging and what your life will be like, or experiencing growing older and being aware of time moving more rapidly.
  • Witnessing and living with the deterioration of a loved one through dementia.
  • Surviving and thriving in a pandemic!

Alicia Sedgwick is a communication coach, author, corporate trainer, and professional MC.  She is also an adjunct professor at the International University of Monaco and co-curator of the TEDx Youth Event at the International School of Monaco.