Damiani. The Most and the Famous…

Damiani is the most famous jewellery brand in Italy and one of the most popular in Europe. Recently they’ve opened stores in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. It’s been a long time since they’ve been selling jewels in Honolulu and LA.

How do you manage to stay artisanal, keep production in Italy and at the same time sell around the world?

The maximum expression of Italian style: the district of Valenza, the 2heart of Italian jewelry tradition, continues to have very strong bonds with the company. Master goldsmiths and artisans, holders of invaluable expertise, enhance the quality of every single piece, transmitting emotion, history and passion since 1924.

What five facts about the Damiani family and the Damiani brand make people fall for your jewellery and watches?

Passion, tradition, handcrafting, painstaking care of details, creation and study of the design, and first-rate materials.

The world is changing, do you feel the need to change as well?

Damiani jewels are classic yet also contemporary. While bound to a strong tradition of craftsmanship that guarantees quality, the creative team favors innovation.

There are times when you use Russian diamonds in your creations. Are they good?

Yes, we also use Russian diamonds, and they are high-quality.


Why, by the way, Russian speaking clients like Damiani have so much to your mind?

Russian clients like Damiani because of its unique style and the Italian Character that shines through each item. The quality of materials and of Made in Italy manufacturing is very high level.

Is Monte Carlo a special place of interest for the Damiani brand? Why?

Montecarlo is one of the best places in the world for high society. We are looking for the right location for a flagship store. In the meantime, we usually organize events and trunk shows. We have recently created a sculpture in gold for Prince Albert of Monaco, which is permanently displayed at Palazzo at Galerie des Glaces.


What connects you and Damiani to yachts and the yachting industry?

Luxury, quality, and exclusivity.

Before you inherited the company, did you think of doing something else in life?

Before entering the family business, I had a career in real estate, where I worked for a few years. I joined the family business in 1994, and I have led the company since 1996 today, I’m the President of the Damiani Group.

Isabella Rossellini, Sharon Stone, Sofia Loren, and Jennifer Aniston wear Damiani. Who would you call your brand ambassador today? (we are not speaking about official ambassadors, but about people who represent Damiani the best)?

Over the years, Damiani has worked with people from the show business world like Milla Jovovich, Jennifer Aniston, Isabella Rossellini, Natassja Kinski, Sophia Loren, Chiara Mastroianni, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sharon Stone, name a few. Most recently, we have collaborated with the actress Nicoletta Romanov for the breathtakingly stunning Romanov Collection.

Why not only diamonds but also a watch from Damiani are worth buying?

Our watches are jewels-watches. A timeless jewel, a precious way of “capturing” the moment to express a wish every day.

What kind of jewellery do you buy personally?

Bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks, especially I often wear my Belle Epoque cross in diamonds.

A nearly 95-years history of Damiani is your treasure. Where do you hope to celebrate the 100 year of birthday, Damiani?

We usually celebrate Damiani with special events. For example, we have just celebrated Italian savoir-faire with a grand exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan. A project with great cultural value, retracing the most significant stages in the evolution of Italian traditions, displaying the precious creations of the company brought together for the first time. About the 100 years of Damiani’s birthday, there’s time, but we already have great ideas.