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A bevy of Formula 1 drivers, international celebrities and Monaco Grand Prix VIPs flocked to the Amber Lounge Monaco Fashion Show on Friday night, to celebrate the start of Formula 1’s most prestigious event, taking place this weekend on the streets of Monte Carlo.

In the esteemed presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, Amber Lounge Monaco 2017 welcomed a host of international celebrities, many of whom came to the Principality from the neighbouring Cannes Film Festival. They included American actress Pamela Anderson, model and actress Kate Upton, Lindsay Lohan, Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham, F1 driver Eddie Irvine, Italian Entrepreneur and DJ Gianluca Vacchi, Miss Vietnam World Australia Jolie Nguyen, Hofit Golan, Fashion Designer Isabell Kristensen and Former Miss France Laury Thilleman to name a few. 

The excitement didn’t end there. Those stars – and more – are set to shine bold and bright at the biggest and best F1 party nights in town: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th at Amber Lounge.

F1 drivers Stoffel Vandoorne, Daniil Kvyat, Esteban Ocon, Pascal Wehrlein, Marcus Ericsson, Charles Leclerc and Marc Gene swapped their race suits for custom tailoring this evening, rocking the runway in Apsley of London and Michael Kors formal wear, in aid of this year’s charity partner, ‘Race Against Dementia’.

The Amber Lounge Fashion Show, held at Le Meridien Beach Plaza hotel, is one of the most-watched events of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend and was attended by more than 300 journalists, photographers and television cameras from all over the world.

Setting the style note for the evening were show hosts Federica Masolin and Natalie Pinkham, Sky Sports F1 TV presenters in Italy and the United Kingdom, and two of the biggest names in Formula 1 broadcasting. Dressed head to toe in Silviya Neri, the signature designer for the F1 ladies’ evening wear collection, they compered a spectacular show, opening with a jaw-dropping display of SAFiYAA swimwear.

Next on stage, Amber Lounge Monaco’s headline music act, Chris Willis, AKA ‘The Voice of David Guetta’, gave a powerhouse performance of his Eurodance hit , “WOULD I LIE TO YOU” as F1 drivers walked on water at the spectacular swimming pool setting.

Hot on their heels – quite literally – were the glamorous ladies of F1: Mara Sangorgio of Sky Sports HD F1 (Italy), Giselle Zarur and Claudia Casedemunt of Canal Latam (Mexico); Amanda Davies of CNN (Global); Amanda Smerczak, Adrian Newey’s partner; Tamara Boullier, wife of Eric Boullier; Pedro de la Rosa’s wife Maria, and their three daughters; together with show hosts Federica and Natalie. In signature style, Amber Lounge Founder andMonaco-based entrepreneur Sonia Irvine delivered the final flourish – gliding gracefully down the runway, hand in hand with her charming six-year-old daughter, Katie. They were all dressed in Silviya Neri silk, with pieces selected from her latest collection.

Soon, it was time for the live auction, during which generous bidders raised an incredible amount of more than 450,000 EUR for Amber Lounge Charity, Race Against Dementia. 

The intoxicating atmosphere was heightened by the brand new cocktail Angel Soul from Mexico City, which is the Official Destination Partner of Amber Lounge.

H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco

P.Anderson Amber Lounge 2017

Sir Jackie Stewart Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May

FRIDAY 26TH OF MAY GUEST LISTH.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco, Sir Jackie Stewart, Pamela Anderson, Kate Upton, Lindsay Lohan, Ross Brawn, Jenson Button, Eddie Irvine, Liam Cunningham, Gianluca Vacchi, Victoria Bonya, Chase Carey, Karen Coulthard, Maria and Pedro De la Rosa, Sheikh Salman al Khalifa Bahrain, Isabell Kristensen, Amanda Cronin, Marquise Roberta Gilardi Sestito and her husband Donato Sestito, Tamara and Eric Boulier, Hofit Golan, Lady Victoria Hervey, Laury Thilleman, Betty Bachz, Daniela Karnuts, Camilla Kerslake, Jolie Nguyen (Miss Vietnam Australia).

The Monaco Grand Prix weekend is set to be action-packed both on and off the racetrack, the spectacular street circuit having seen its fair share of thrills and spills over seven decades. The fierce rivalry at the front of the grid can only intensify at a track where pole position is so crucial to race victory.

Amber Lounge is the perfect antidote to all that nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat spectating, with two lavish party nights still to come on Saturday May 27th andSunday May 28th. It’s the place where you can rub shoulders with the drivers as they let their hair down after a tough weekend of adrenaline-charged F1 racing.  700056025BS224_Amber_Lounge Betty Bachz Amber Lounge 2017

Laury Thilleman & Juan Gonzales Amber Lounge 2017 Liam Cunningham Amber Lounge 2017 Miss Vietnam World Australia Jolie Nguyen Amber Lounge 2017Camilla Kerslake Amber Lounge 2017    Ross Brawn Amber Lounge 2017    700056025BS071_Amber_Lounge Pamela Anderson Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May

700056025BS075_Amber_Lounge700056025BS227_Amber_Lounge Victoria Bonya Amber Lounge 2017

700056025BS081_Amber_LoungeHofit Golan Amber Lounge 2017Isabell Kristensen Amber Lounge 2017

Karen Coulthard Amber Lounge 2017 Gregory - Bachelor Amber Lounge 2017 Gianluca Vacchi Amber Lounge 2017

700056025BS043_Amber_Lounge Pamela Anderson Amber Lounge 2017

Stoffel Vandoorne Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May Pascal Werhlein Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May

Marcus Ericsson Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May Marc Gene Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May

700056025BS271_Amber_Lounge  Daniil Kvyat Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May

SAFiYAA Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2017 SAFiYAA Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2017 2

700056025BS268_Amber_Lounge 700056025BS138_Amber_Lounge700056025BS184_Amber_LoungeCharity auction Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May

CDMX Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May AL_MONACO_2017_Dayone_Highlights-9

AL_MONACO_2017_Dayone_Highlights-11 Amber Lounge Monaco Friday 26th of May