Tatiana Vishnevskaya is a famous international TV presenter, radio broadcaster, creative producer and a socialite with a strong interest in fashion and all things luxury. Tatiana Vishnevskaya has been living in Dubai for several years and knows many secrets about which it is often forbidden to talk. City Life was able to catch Tatiana during the filming of her program “Magnificent Middle East ” and hear her recite the details of Arabian tale.


 Tatiana, we are very pleased that you are here with us for the interview. How many years have you been living in Dubai?
At the moment it will be my 4th Ramadan. This is how I count the years.

You moved because of work? Or the reasons were your personal circumstances?
I am a creative person, for me a big role is played by the place where I live. Not surprisingly, I fell in love with the United Arab Emirates, which have pleasant atmosphere and where people are very respectful.

We know that in Russia you had successful work as a TV presenter. Please tell us about your experience.
For a  long period I worked in the news, on commercial radio stations and federal channels. On a live broadcast there is no room for error. And television is very regimented as in the army so one needs a  stable psyche, because there are a lot of different news. TV presenter should bring all this to the viewer with a minimum of personal emotion. Such an approach is very helpful in life too.

Wasn’t it a pity to leave everything and move to a world, completely unknown to you at that time?
I admit honestly, I do not want to be pitied. It is better to drive confidently towards your goals and dreams. I adhere to the philosophy that all people are the same; only the circumstances are different. After Moscow, with very fast pace of life, one can survive and thrive almost anywhere. In Moscow, I was a part of the system, and Dubai treated me more as a person. Believe me, after working for so many years in media, I did not have much of a personal social network. I did not even like taking a photo of myself. I remember how, on the first day of work, Veronika Shevchenko, the main make-up artist of RBC TV channel, approached me and offered to take my photo through teleprompter. I saved this picture, and it was the first on my Instagram.
In Russia, I already had «Cherry Media agency» that developed websites and logos for companies. In Dubai,  I opened a representative office of my communication business. Market research, obtaining licenses, work visas for employees and organizing the entire work process took a long time. It was important that my headquarters are based in Dubai Media City, where the world’s leading media companies, TV channels, publishers and PR agencies are located. So I was waiting for my office for 4 months and then I could only start operating our projects after 6 months because we started right before Ramadan when business activity slows down a lot.


Have you always been fond of Eastern culture?
As early my school-days I read many books about the history of Ancient Babylon, Egypt, Persia and the Middle East in general. Somewhere subconsciously I always knew that I would be in the centre of Islam.

Do you remember your first time in Dubai? How much has it changed?
Dubai is changing constantly and dynamically. Thanks to the intelligent policy of the ruler His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, there is huge flow of investment into the city. I remember my first drive with three navigators, because for me Dubai was unfamiliar back then. It’s amazing now to see the number of real estate projects that pop up in Dubai, like mushrooms on a sunny day afer the rain.

Many say that Dubai is open to new projects and gives great opportunities to new citizens. Is it true? Is it easy to find work there, for example, for a Russian?
I think you need  to understand clearly in which role you see yourself. It’s not USA and the “American Dream” does not work here. The typical Hollywood  situation where up and coming would-be stars work as waitresses, and in their spare time to go to castings and auditions is not the paradigm in Dubai. Dubai is a very progressive Emirate. Therefore, it is on the lookout for promising projects, backed by investments. Dubai is multinational, and Russian “community” is about 250 thousand people.

What do you think every Russian girl should consider before moving to the United Arab Emirates? Many now dream to stay there to live.
All women need to behave in a dignified manner in whichever country they may be. In my opinion, this is the most important thing. The rest – will follow! (Smiling)

Let’s talk about your new project – you recently started collaborating with the publishing house “Russian Emirates”. Why with them and what kind of project is it?
The answer is simple and logical. It is a strong brand, a brand that has been known to everyone for almost 20 years. Everyone knows the magazine that is published. By the way, Russian Emirates’ online resources have always been their strength. That is where the powerful competitive advantage comes. Since the program “Magnificent Middle East” is a digital project in UAE- we distribute our content via the Internet – then our partner must have a full arsenal of online resources for its promotion.
And personalities are very important – Sergei Tokarev, CEO of the “Russian Emirates”, was almost the first one I met when I arrived in the United Arab Emirates. It turns out that he remembered me from my work on television in Moscow, and then we were often in contact in Dubai. I wrote articles in several magazines, prepared broadcasts on the TV and radio, and Sergei, in the nature of his activities,  closely monitored it.
One day during a conversation with Sergei we both raised the topic of the incessant flow of our tourists to the UAE, we realized that we speak the same language. I remember that he then said that modern tourists have stopped adhering to existing formats, and for the “Russian Emirates”, which generate 90 percent of Russian-language content about the Arab Emirates, it was the time to explore new ways of doing things, and it was time to attack what was then  virtually an empty niche  and start producing video content about the UAE.
We decided to create a program about the history, traditions, and way of life of the United Arab Emirates, about how Russian speakers organize their life in Dubai, about the contemporary achievements of the United Arab Emirates, and about all the most unusual, bright and unique things in this picturesque and mysterious eastern country. We just needed to find the right producer, author and presenter (laughs). Here Sergey, after a little thought, said that he already had a person who could accurately combine all three qualities. As you guessed it, this person was me. Also, after a little thought, I did not refuse it, because this is exactly what I had repeatedly imagined, thinking about what to do with my own talents, how to realize my creative potential. On the same day, we outlined the format of the new project, and gave my program the name – “Magnificent Middle East with Tatiana Vishnevskaya”.


Are your programs designed for a Russian audience or is there a translation into Arabic?
I am a creative person. Arab culture and local traditions are close to me. I have learned Arabic, but at the same time I am also patriot; my native language is Russian. We are doing the project “Magnificent Middle East” with “Russian Emirates” publishing house and advertising agency not by chance. My programs tell about amazing Middle East, about Arab Emirates and they are oriented towards Russian-speaking spectators. Although, very soon we will roll out English or Arabic versions of my programs.

How do you feel about the fact that the East has  become incredibly popular among Russian girls?Everyone is experimenting with the images of the most beautiful Eastern women.The main thing is that these images are appealing to a woman. It is important how it harmonizes with their inner being. The East has always been popular and beckons with its mystery. Eastern scientists, astronomers, poets, oriental scents and spices were unmatched.

Do you like their style?
Many elements, of course, yes! I love elegance, beauty and luxury.

And do you already have your favorite Arab designers?
For the evening, I love the dresses of Lebanese designers Elie Saab, Dany Tabet and Zuhair Murad. At the Arab wedding, I prefer the designer of Moroccan dresses Laila Amraoui. For every day I like to wear Huda Al Nuaimi dresses and abayas.

You communicate with a large number of Arab sheikhs and their wives. Are they different from others? In behavior, attitude to life … Or is everything that they write about in books not true?
And what do they write in books? (Smiling). As for the Emirates, the family of rulers is absolutely a closed topic, especially wives and children.

 Tell us about your day? As far as we know, you sleep very little.
Sleep is very important for me. Otherwise, the day will be difficult and long. I remember how my TV tutor taught us to listen to our biorhythms in order to always be toned and alert in front of the camera. You need to understand what your body needs. Only an individual approach works here. If you need to drink some water before going on air- drink it.

What attracts you most in Eastern culture?
Mysteriousness  …

D (16)

 Tell us about your favorite places in Dubai?
My most favorite places are those that inspire creativity. Dubai is unique in that, in addition to the eastern architecture of different regions of the Middle East and Africa, it has collected many different styles and architectures from around the world. I really love historical places, such as Al Bastakiya museum and the way it blends perfectly with the business towers of the financial center DIFC and Business Bay. And I love luxury hotels like Al Qasr, (translation from Arabic means “castle”) or “Mina Al Salam” with Venetian gondolas and “Al Naseem” (translation from Arabic – “breeze”) from Jumeirah Group.

And what about the other emirates? Have you been in the other six? How different are they from each other?
Emirates are all different. I can say with confidence that I have managed to travel all over the Emirates. Every week I travel through all the emirates to Ajman to the studio “Autoradio UAE, 103.2 FM. I live my  life in Dubai taking advantage of the fact it is a multicultural city, full of international events. In other cities, the local population prevails with its way of life. Though, I must say,  I am very surprised by the availability of free economic zones in the emirates and the plenty of business opportunities. To sell sand in the desert, – it must be so!

Your most memorable acquaintance?
With Angelina Jolie in Los Angeles. A woman with incredible energy, stunning charm and charisma.

And with whom would you like to meet?
There is no single person with whom I would like to get acquainted. I live by the principle: “you shall not make for yourself an idol”. In principle, I have a very calm attitude to all people. I find amazing people in the course of my work and particularly appealing  to me are self-sufficient people driven by passion toward their destiny and those who, above all, respect themselves. I like professionals.

We are very glad that you agreed to be a part of City Life and to allow our readers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the very epicenter of the Magnificent East.