Ukrainian make-up artist Alla Yakimova held an exhibition in Paris

On September 24th a famous Ukrainian make-up artist Alla Yakimova held an exhibition in Paris 66 rue fremicourt Paris 75015. Alla has been working with celebrities in Ukraine for more than 10 years, creating looks for various TV shows and developing images of politicians and hosts. This time she presented a series of fantasy images for a wide audience. She described those images just before the exhibition opening.

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Alla, why did you decide to hold an exhibition in Paris and how long have you been preparing for it?
For me, Paris is a city of Haute couture, art and beauty. I really wanted to share my creations with people, who are true connoisseurs of beauty and art. A plenty of my works are suitable for real life – going on the air, addressing to people in public speeches, but this series is something completely new. I finally brought ideas, which have been living in my head for years, to life. The process is quite labor-intensive, but I think it was worth it, and you’ll like it. Have you already seen my works?

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Where do you draw inspiration for your works?
Everywhere. Nowadays the world is filled with ideas, and people often become ideas by themselves. Look how street style is developing now. I’m not saying about fashion and haute couture! Ulyana Sergeenko creates images of virtually porcelain women, Lagerfeld works for youngsters and makes cosmic looks, but in casual style. Irrepressible Westwood, being still in her 18, passes all bounds, and even celebrities, I mean models, writers, architects, and actresses, can become a material for creators, motivate them to be on the march, and create something extraordinary.

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How did you create the collection for exhibition?
Everything that you see hasn’t been specially created for the exhibition. Every work is not only a part of my identity, but a piece of our huge world. Who knows, maybe they will inspire others to create. This is a key aim of creation – to go beyond the boundaries, make new stories and new universes.

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What is the message of your collection?
My project is a chain of steps: first – an idea, then image, afterwards fixation and, finally, the exhibition. It’s my “Energy of beauty” – the name of my exhibition and how I feel it. For example, “awakening” is a complicated image, based on the idea of the world’s revival and the morning of a common woman at the same time. I wanted to mix this morning and the first beam of sun with the power of our world, which gives us so much new, and the power of earth, unlimited in its resources. However, embodiment of this idea plays a key role in being understandable for other people. It’s up to you, but I wanted my spectators to immerse in new reality, that is really beautiful. I’m not claiming laurels of God, but why not the creator?

The energy of each image is unique, and every piece evokes diverse emotions. I’m satisfied with the result I have, but even now I would do it completely different, and that is why creators are different from other people in the world – they are always flooded with ideas.