The event took place on Saturday, September 21, 2019, on the occasion of MFW19, in collaboration with World Cleaning Day, Passpartout, and sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, Department of Fashion and Design, the second edition of the FashionableArtShow event. Thanks to Vitaru, a nonprofit association dealing with violence and women’s rights in Italy, six designers from around the world were introduced, bringing fashion, art, and environmental sustainability to the catwalk, bringing the event to a resounding success.
Six collections of clothing and accessories made from eco-friendly fabrics inspired by the planet’s safeguard themes, to show how environmental sustainability can be chic and glamorous also in the fashion field.
The parade began at 6 pm with a special flash mob in the downtown streets, ended in Piazza Duomo with Let it does Italy’s participation, and was run in 179 countries thanks to World Cleaning Day; an international live show to educate consumers about the importance of garbage collection in everyday life and also ensure that their buying choices can contribute to environmental protection and sustainability.
Central Milan has become a true fashion lab where six fashion designers, six women, brought to the eyes of passersby and visitors splendid clothes and accessories made with eco-friendly techniques and materials in the spirit of World Clean Up Day 2019.

FashionableArtShow showed not only spectacular fashion collections but also the concepts, stories, and faces of international artists who, with their artworks, implemented the focus on creativity, ingenuity, craftsmanship and environmental protection.
A female team, the protagonist of ArtEcoShow fashion, made up of six women long in the fashion field: Natalia Siassina’s T Art Revolution, Vitaru Association President, Anna Ho Fashion, LASABIRA, Maka, Kl’art Claudia Padure and Irene Hat and Dress Feminine creativity to propose an idea of non-stereotypical beauty and beyond the classic canons of absolute thinness, through a more democratic and healthy distribution of volumes and sizes.
The works of amazing artists act as a limit to the event, almost symbolizing the life cycle, touching the contrast between art and fashion. Among the artists present, we could define them with the acronym AMA (Art Fashion Environment), with works and works performed in various hands: painters Michelangelo Magnus, Ennio Bencini, artistic glass professor Sante Pizzol, photographer Nino Care and digital set designer Federico Bozzano from the movie “AVATAR”. All RAO apartments which in many works use recycled material to raise awareness of the environmental problem; and again women, spectacular artists of the caliber of Marina Kaminsky, Inna Varivonchik, Olga Potyomkina, Malu Cruz Piani, and Evgenia Petrova, before ending with a man of strong human sensibility, artist Alfredo Mazzotta.

A real success that once again reiterated the importance of building bridges between fashion design and environmental sustainability has confirmed my presence with Anna Gyrolanna of significant merit. I was the acting ambassador in Italy in Milan – I spent the day cleaning the city picking up trash from the floor. Notable attention from the world’s most powerful influencers in net growth has attracted the attention of over 58 million fans. FashionableArtShow presented a sample of a brighter future, thanks to artists and fashion designers, with a special focus on sustainability, recycled materials and attention to Mother Earth.
FashionableArtEcoShow makes an appointment for the next edition and invites the entire fashion world to attend World Cleaning Day 2020 on September 19th! Fashion for the planet.

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Kisses, Erika

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