Erika Santos: How Can Art, Fashion And Photography Collaborate During The Times Of Corona

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-01 at 09.35.08PORTABLE ART PROJECT BY @ikergarciabarrenetxea with Erika Santos @erikasantos

During over 40 days of isolation in San Sebastian, Spain, Iker moved from painting on traditional canvas to paint on fashion fabrics he could source while under lockdown.

When these new fashion pieces arrived in Los Angeles, Mariona and I came together to give this another spin: How could we photograph Iker’s work during this pandemic? We decided to go ahead with a socially distant photoshoot and deliberately accentuate the 6-feet safe distance recommended between individuals. The subject and camera being even further apart from each other. A reflection of our present day, where human contact and physical interaction have been temporarily suppressed.

This is a difficult period for many, but we hope this collaboration is inspiring for you to turn things around and continue to produce.

Adapting the way we live and work has been a must during Covid-19 quarantine, there is no doubt about that. In my case, I have reinforced the capabilities to create art from home. Moreover, I have created a virtual shop window and I have filmed myself during the creative process in order to show what goes one behind the scenes of art-making.

One shirt and a pair of trousers turned into a white canvas. I mixed screen printing techniques and hand painting. I used repetition, distortion…and new drawings were born from other drawings. Like a choreography of drawings that represent the busy agenda of a modern world where humans, nature, and technology coexist. Portable Art project presents unique and limited edition hand made fashion merged with art. Instead of using a white canvas, I use clothes or accessories. I will be designing limited edition collections and more especially creating one-off pieces as these ones I did for @erikasantos

A collaboration between @ikergarciabarrenetxea, artist of Portable Art, @erikasantos, fashion visionnaire and influencer, and L.A based photographer, @marionavilaros

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