How The COVID Situation Changed Influencers’ Lives?

Mariia Grazhina Chaplin, the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards CEO, opines about the quarantine situation and new trends.

“It depends a lot on their activity subject. Many influencers continue their work with an inventor and a creative approach. Both Fashion and Food bloggers manage to shoot content no worse than before, now from home.
Accordingly, brands are happy to cooperate with them in such new and very interesting conditions. For example, our colleagues from the L’Officiel Austria for the first time shoot the cover with influencers using the Facetime application and this turns out to be even more stylish than traditional shooting. Many influencers are using the art approach and applying programs for art design.
This situation brings many profits. Since there have appeared completely new trends in blogging.
However, the quantity of lives has already passed the line of adequacy. So the audience dispelled and the views fell.
Of course, for Travel bloggers, a crisis has come definitely for a year. New trends aren’t the content that provides quality products. It’s difficult to say how long it’ll stay in our life after quarantine’s end. The trends of recent years, of course, don’t present the quality of the content but the content itself. Anyway sapid content is rather difficult to produce within the borders of an apartment or a house. Certainly, a special ingenuity of some bloggers will bring them to the top now.
Generally, the crisis will affect the Influencers, as far as advertising budgets are expected to be substantially reduced.”

Foodgod’s ad for Beluga:

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Patricia Gloria Contreras’s ad for Sephora:

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Anna Andres’s ad for Cultgaia:

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Chiara Ferrangni’s ad for Galbani:

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Dina Zahram’s ad for Nestle:

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