Maria Grazhina Chaplin Became A Cover Face of L’Officiel Austria

Maria Grazhina Chaplin,  World Influencers and Bloggers Awards, L’Officiel Maria Grazhina Chaplin, the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards CEO, Producer, Digital Marketing Specialist,  became a cover face of L’Officiel Austria with her Instagram Takeover project.

“We witness a new global media being born. It now takes up to 24 hours to reach across the world with a message. We see the influencers simply voicing their thoughts and this can make millions to pause and think about the most important things. The influencers do not represent politicians or corporations. They are the media of the future that can get unified only for the sake of transparent, pure, kind, and heartfelt causes. The influencers are a hope-media of the future.

We are not only what we eat but also what we are seeing. Sometimes we fall prey to information policy of the establishment, corporations, and show business producers. And good and pure causes are not often on their agenda. Our organization is created by influencers for providing platform and support to topics that are important to humanity, such as love and tolerance, environmental care, the saving of our planet, and preserving every life on it.”